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The sustainable design, an approach that makes sense and uses low resources. A new way to design for businesses, people and the planet in an inclusive, sustainable and accessible way.

Planet first

Because digital uses consume more and more energy, we must make design more responsible. Sustainable Design responds to new environmental challenges for a more sustainable experience for the planet.


forest cover has disappeared since prehistoric times


of GES are attributable to the manufacture of our equipment


of primary energyis used to manufacture our terminals


of water consumed in the manufacture of equipment

Human First

An approach that connects people to the planet. Design Sustainable responds to new consumer behaviours to reduce their environmental impact by being more committed to sustainable development.


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Social first

The growing ethical considerations of humans are creating new challenges for companies. It is no longer enough to say but to prove commitment through fairer, more local and more diversified remuneration.

3,4 Mds

of people in the world live on less than $5.5 a day


of textile workers are among the lowest paid employees in the world.


of families live below the poverty line due to the situation in the coffee industry.

Pillar of

Sustainable design is based on three essential pillars: design, technologies and data centres. We use guidelines to create environmentally friendly digital devices that are useful, durable and environmentally friendly.

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Eco Branding

The media are everywhere, easy to watch. Apps, websites, public postings, newspaper advertisements, social media, etc. Reverse your brand image by being sustainable, ethical and responsible for the common good.

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